Monday, June 29, 2009

New series of work:

I've started a new series of pieces titled “The State I’m In”.

Because I travel so much during the year, literally and figuratively, I thought this would be a good way to chronicle those events/feelings/memories into graphic journal entries.

The studies are to illustrate the current and post experience of visiting a city, as well as the nostalgic visit via memory. Some illustrations speak literally to my physical state/location, others speak figuratively to my mental/emotional state of what I'm doing, how I'm feeling.

Here's the first group, introducing 2 states of being:

Random fact about me: I do my best non-thinking doing laps in the pool. It's my place of solace where all I do is breathe and maintain the rhythm. After I hit the 30th lap my lungs have adjusted, and as silly as it sounds, I feel like a fish.

currently listening to: Ambulance LTD