Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Sunday

The fan in my computer has been talking pretty loud lately. I thought it was just the increasing temperature shift outside, or the simple fact that she's old; but I decided to crack her open and take a look all the same…

Behold the culprit, pretty gross I know. That ginormous dust ball makes me feel like a bad mother to my machine. You know how Bob Barker says to "Please, have your pets spayed or neutered", I would say "Please, clean your computers with cans of air once in a while."

After that I just spent the rest of the day cleaning and mopping the apartment/studio, which resulted in an Eames compound:

Cleaning rewards itself with curried cauliflower/tofu/mushrooms/spinach over quinoa, ice cold Red Hook IPA, and my new favorite— Bubba Ho-Tep. By far, the best line in that movie is within in the first 5 min…

currently listening to: Pinback