Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Back Kotter

With the launch of the new site, I thought it might be good to launch a new blog too. Aside from featuring the sneering face of Mr. Kot-ter, I thought I'd kick things off with sharing the inspiration I used for the redesign of my site.

I like taking photos of mushrooms. A lot of organic shapes that I've been using in my personal illustrations lately, are based off of mushroom photos I've taken on hikes. The opening shot of the "News" section is a photo I took in the California redwoods, when I was visiting Gail last year.

The color palette was inspired by a clipping from Wallpaper magazine, that my friend Fabra gave me; I've saved it since 2007. The black, light charcoal, tomato red, warm pink and mustard combo were reinterpreted as color bars on my site, as accents for the gallery alignment.