Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tweaking This Thang

This blog site is going to look a little off or weird for a bit. Since I only blog about my new projects, work, or process, working on this page has fallen to the bottom of the totem pole. But for now, I think small moves like color changes, increasing the width of the site, and a new header will do. All entries prior to today will visually look retarded, including this one. Oh well.

In the meantime, the above image is just something nice to look at. Lush flowers at the San Francisco Farmer’s Market. I went to SF last month for 10 days to work on Sleeping Colors, so that photo has relevance to me.

What I’m doing right now: taking care of my clients, getting my Kickstarter project for Sleeping Colors going, setting up an online shop, designing things to fill that online shop, getting ready to move into a new studio for my design work, setting up my old studio as a sewing room, and continuing to reach out to the awesome design community that is you.

Aaaand we’re going to Portland, Oregon for a 33 days in two weeks... Yowza! S and I will be living and working from PDX for the summer. I’m really excited! Any Portlanders who are reading this, drop me a line – I’d love to meet up with you over a fine cup of coffee or a craft brew, starting June 16. Email me:

currently listening to: Raphael Saadiq