Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tour de Fat

Headed over to Logan Square today to check out Fat Tire's Tour de Fat event. It was a fun time— there were quite a few varieties of Fat Tire brews, live shows from Mucca Pazza, The Sprockettes (Portland's dance/bike troupe), antics from The Squirm Burpee circus with the evil Baron Vegan Von Hamburger (how can you not laugh at that name alone?), and a New Orleans-style funeral march for a car—leading up to a bike raffle for a sweet heavy-weight Schwinn.


After the Fat, I rode over to Ukrainian Village to nose around. First stop, Rotofugi. There was a cute plush rabbit with a mustache I had my heart on, but I opted for a Kathie Olivas surprise box instead… and got exactly the toy I was hoping for. Most excellent.

Next stop was Sprout and hung out with the bees and daydreamed what my garden will look like for my Portland home one day…

And made an impromptu stop at Piccolo to check out their gelato. I should've got the cucumber rosewater sorbet, but then I saw they had whiskey gelato… and well… the whiskey part sounded so good. And it was— my cup runneth over:

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