Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bike Bike Bike

You know how some people talk about their kids or their pets all the time? (Because they love them, naturally). I know I sound just as dorky talking about my bike. Well... she is my baby.

Oiseau and I got caught in hard rain for the first time this evening. For the mere two months that I've had her, I've been overly conscious about timing my riding with the weather, leaving early, leaving later, leaving her behind. A drizzle is nothing, but a downpour is something else. What can I say? I wanted to enjoy that "new car smell" for as long as I could.

After having dinner at Lula Cafe with some friends, it started raining. Which made me really happy I invested in an overpriced rain parka to carry in my bag all the time, (which I now recommend). Oiseau and I got drenched, my shoes became reservoirs for water, and my fenders got put to the test and are true blue.


I'm also not surprised to continually learn my bike will never need a wing man in her life. Last night after an excellent dinner/evening, we found this note taped to the handlebars:

For a second I actually thought I had gotten a ticket or a parking fine. If I was remotely interested in MySpace or Facebook, I'd create a page for the bike— just to see how many friends she'd rack up. Or maybe it's just a positive testament to anal retentive design?

currently wiping my bike to: The Modern Lovers