Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bumming Around Brooklyn

Just got back from visiting friends in New York this past weekend. Got some good walking, good laughing, good drinking, and of course good eating done, with good people:

The view from Solange's apartment:

Day o1

"Recession Lunch Special" from a cafe in Cobble Hill— chicken vegetable soup, with avocado/tomato/grilled cheese sandwich.

Getting my Portland fix in New York— Cafe Pedlar in Brooklyn sells Stumptown Coffee, (naturally I had to take home 2lbs. worth of beans)

Stopping for a snacky-snack at One Girl Cookies, for their amazing whoopie pies.

Whiskey, scotch, and more whiskey at Char No. 4

Day o2

Fabric and inspiration shopping in SoHo— at Purl Fabrics, ABC Home, Kiosk, (to name a few), and lunching at Pink Berry.

Ended the day with an amazing meal prepared by Lisel— wine and foie gras treats from her visit to France, radish + fennel salad, asparagus, cupcakes from Crumbs, and watching all of Yacht Rock.

Day o3

Renegade Craft Fair was going on the same weekend as my trip, which was a nice coincidence. We fueled ourselves first with brunch from Egg in Williamsburg, and headed over to the fair to check out the goods. Made our way down to the Yard Party in Gowanus, to catch up with a friend who's soon to have his first record release for his band, and ended the evening with a laid back birthday party.

Day o4

Got to check out Fort Greene for a little bit, starting off with lunch at No. 7, and ending the trip with a very warm day in the city, before jumping on the plane.

Now it's time to sleep and detox.