Friday, May 22, 2009

“Who cares? It's Friday!”

That’s what my co-worker heard me say, when she first walked into the building this morning, (giving her a good chuckle).

A long work week like this one, deserves excellent comfort food and release— ground nut stew from The Handlebar, accompanied with a whiskey & soda, (it really was a long week!), and finished with plantain “bananas” foster.

And since I still don't know when my bike will be ready, I'll just go ahead and delight in more photos of my lovely saddle:


On a “Holy crap! That’s crazy!” note— my cousin is officially a famous Hong Kong pop singer! I kid you not! She sings and writes all her own material too. I’m extremely proud and floored at the same time. Meet my cousin, Chita Yu:

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