Saturday, May 30, 2009

First date with the new bike: 30 miles

Biking 30 miles today was not the intended plan, but time flies when you're having fun… on a shiny new bike!

My friend Jennifer and I started the day at 8am, headed down to the Green City Farmer's Market, rode up the Chicago River trail to Skokie, headed east to Evanston, and then back home (with several unmentioned stops in between destinations). A lot of good groceries were bought, a lot of good food was had, and not to mention some good walking and biking too. An excellent first date with my bike, with an excellent friend.

From the farmer's market: fresh Italian-style cider donuts, purple asparagus, savory cheese/mushroom/herb crepes, dogs sitting butt-to-butt, AMAZING rhubarb & mint sorbet, and my take-homes for the day:

En route on the bike path along the river and up to Evanston, a family of Canadian geese:

Late lunch at Lulu's with Chinese ramen noodles, and a demure blue horse presiding overhead.

And now 12 hours later back at home, I'm pretty beat. I'll post new work on the website tomorrow.