Friday, May 15, 2009

Crazy Good

Call me crazy, or maybe I'm just someone who appreciates all forms of artistry that's out there… (not to mention quality, craft, and design). Now I love to do research, and I've done plenty with this bike project. But I've been having a difficult time sourcing a company that makes custom bike decals in short print runs. And my bike painter didn't feel comfortable painting the lettering, because one of the lines in the font was too thin. The next step?

Hire a master-trained, old-school sign painter, with over 25 years of experience to do hand-painted lettering. Genius.

Visited Alex at the bike shop after work, to consult on ordering a new stem. (our lovely Nitto stem was a mere 1/8" off!!) So I got to see my lovely Oiseau… I was so excited that I was talking a mile minute, in incomplete sentences; I couldn't help it, I was geeking out. The bike will be ready for pick up next week!


Side note: Eggcellent Koren steak and fried egg salad with ginger dressing from the Harmony Grill at Schubas. Amen.

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