Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And yet…

Picked up the bike— it's beautiful! I had the biggest smile on my face in the store, and during the test ride, and when my friends showed up to check it out, and all during the celebratory dinner… It's everything I had in mind. So smooth, so quiet, so light, so comfortable… I can't believe it's real and HERE.

And yet… When I brought it home, I went out to run an errand, only to come home and find the front tire had popped… So sad.

I've yet to acquire the tools and education to fix a flat, so it's back to the shop tomorrow.

Here are a few teaser photos my friend Alan took:

Last minute on-the-spot changes: eliminated the quick release system on the wheels, and replaced them with a Delta locking system. Added a kickstand, and a blinking reflector light to the rear rack. (Did you notice in the photo they were able to mount the double head lamps in the front? Yessss!)

Celebratory dinner at Riverview Tavern: Tuna Melt with Summit Hefeweizen

I have my A++ bike cohorts to thank, who let me geek out to them the entire time of building and development: Siouxsie and Alan

I'll have more legit photos to come, once we take the bike into the photo studio… Stay tuned!!

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