Sunday, April 26, 2009


The fenders came in, and they have an incredible smell of wood veneer and varnish. Everyone I've shown them to, I've made them take a deep whiff of their hand-crafted glory. The cherry wood the artist used for the outer layer, is a lot lighter in color than the website's photos show— which bums me out slightly. I thought the contrast between the 3 wood types, (cherry, mahogany, and wenge), would be greater— though I'm still happy because they really are beautiful. The craftsman took pride in his work, and I appreciate that. And I love the fact that he signed/dated the bottom of the rear fender: "Cody Davis 4-22-09 Bend, OR"

Next thing I'm waiting on is the paint job for my frame/fork/rack, and then I hand off everything to the builders.


Some days I'm bad because I don't wear a helmet while biking; esp since I've a acquired a new hat for spring… A gray Fidel Castro-style hat, that I've sewn buttons onto, to knock-off an Anthropologie hat. Because it's good to knock off Anthropologie when you can, and even better when you can make it yourself.

And the best thing I ate all weekend, was this organic feta/spinach/ chicken/ turkey hot dog, dressed with tomato/cucumber/red pepper/cocktail pickle/celery salt and stone ground mustard on a whole wheat bun— from Drew's Eatery down the street from me:

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