Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best of April

I know April is not over yet, still, the best part of the month was having my family visit me for 5 days. And we did everything... ALL the museums, the architectural boat tour, Wrigley Field, the Hancock, Table 52, deep dish pizza, Billy Goat Tavern, Grant and Millennium Park— they even saw Mary Poppins at the Cadillac Theater the night I had "off" to see Andrew Bird at the Opera House down the street. There was even a night when my mom made a good home cooked meal, and I got to make Easter brunch for everyone; and the boys got Easter bags. And I love the experience of walking with my nephews to the train, and standing on the platform with them.

I miss them. They make it easier to plan more for the NW.

My mom sitting in front of her portrait: